Telescopic straws

Marine biodegradable straws

  • One of the eco-friendly products we propose is marine biodegradable straws using KANEKA’s biodegradable polymer Green PlanetTM.

    With our straw manufacturing technology and KANAKA’s biodegradable polymer Green PlanetTM, we hope to contribute to solving the problem of ocean pollution caused by plastics and play a role in the realization of a recycling oriented society.

    *Made-to-order product. Please contact us for information about production lot sizes.

KANEKA Biodegradable polymer Green PlanetTM

Developed by KANEKA Corporation, this biodegradable polymer is 100% plant-derived.

It is biodegradable in a wide range of environments and has received the OK Biodegradable MARINE certification for biodegradation in seawater.

The material has also been listed on Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and European Commission positive list, and the number of countries and regions where it can be used in food contact applications is increasing.

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