Environmental policy

NIPPON STRAW Co., Ltd. will comply with environmental laws and regulations in our daily production activities and product development with the aim of producing products that are environmentally friendly.

  • We comply with environmental laws and regulations and other environmental requirements to which we agree.
  • We strive to conserve energy and resources by improving production facilities and methods.
  • We strive to develop environmentally friendly straws.
  • We make continuous efforts to improve our environmental management systems so that they remain effective.
  • This environmental policy will be shared among all employees, and will be disclosed to external stakeholders.

September 1, 2019


Keiji Inaba, President and Chief Executive Officer

Consideration for the global environment

Eco-friendly straws

We call our environmentally friendly straws “eco-friendly straws.” Through the research, development and marketing of eco-friendly straws made of eco-friendly materials (bio-PE, marine biodegradable plastic), we hope to contribute to solving the problem of ocean pollution caused by plastics and play a role in the realization of a recycling-oriented society.

  • BioStraw®

    • Raw materials Bio-PE (polyethylene)
    • Features Because they are made of biomass-based plastic, they reduce CO2 emissions throughout the product life cycle.
      * Biomass: A collective term for biological resources generated from plants and animals, etc.
  • Marine biodegradable straws

    • Raw materials KANEKA biodegradable polymer Green PlanetT™
    • Features They are 100% derived from biomass and biodegrade in seawater, helping to solve the problem of ocean pollution caused by plastics.

FSC® CoC forest certification
(certification of management of processing and distribution processes)

We are certified under FSC® CoC forest certification (license number: FSC-C135536) by FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), a global forest certification system. Under this certification, we import and sell paper cup products bearing the FSC® certified logo, which certifies products made of wood from properly managed forests. We also declare the following policy to respect the FSC® core labor requirements and uphold the human rights of workers involved in forest certification.

FSC® policy statement on core labor requirements

  • Prohibition of child labor We do not use child labor of children under the legal minimum age for employment. We also prohibit dangerous and harmful work by those under the age of 18, which is prohibited by law.
  • Prohibition of forced labor Unjust labor coercion is prohibited in any form of employment.
  • Elimination of discrimination in occupation and employment We will not undermine equal opportunity in employment based on irrational reasons that are not directly related to work performance. We do not condone any form of harassment, including sexual harassment and power harassment.
  • Respect for freedom of association and right to collective bargaining We respect workers’ rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

ISO14001 certified

We have been certified by ISO14001 since 2008 and are also working to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes.

Food safety and security

FSSC 22000 certification

To deliver safe and reliable straws, We became the first straw manufacturer in Japan to obtain FSSC 22000, an international certification standard for food safety management systems (September 2021:Kumamoto Factory, June 2023:Fuji Factory).
Under this FSSC 22000 certification, we will continue to deliver world-class, safe and high quality straws under stricter hygiene control than ever before.

Production and quality control systems

Our top priority in relation to quality is to deliver products of uniform quality at a high level.
To this end, we have a thorough quality control system in place, including fully automated production lines where straws never come into direct contact with operator hands, and rigorous product inspections based on the know-how we have accumulated over the years.