Our production technologies used to manufacture high quality products are proof that our products are made in Japan.

Delivering uniform and high quality products

We design, develop and customize our production lines in house to deliver uniform quality products at a high level. The fully automated production lines are equipped with a wide range of inspection cameras and sensors, and the processes are checked according to strict standards, from the introduction of raw materials to packaging. The finished straws undergo final inspection by skilled inspectors prior to shipment.

Creating added value driven by a challenging spirit

We believe that we have earned the trust of our customers as the leading manufacturer of straws because we have always had an innovative mindset and continued to develop high value-added products based on superior, innovative technologies.
As the leading manufacturer of straws, we believe that our mission is to continue to develop new straws that take into account various factors, including the environment, safety and reliability, as well as mouthfeel, food texture and convenience, etc.

Thorough quality management system

Straws are food related products, so we pay close attention to hygiene and safety. Based on the know-how we have accumulated over the years, we have established a thorough quality management system, including the installation of equipment developed in house and a laboratory for the inspection of contamination by dirt and foreign matter, processing and strength, etc.
In terms of hygiene, we have established a management system that uses the HACCP method to ensure that production lines do not result in direct contact between the products and operator hands, from production to packaging.

User-friendly technologies

  • Flexible (bellows) processing

    This universal design allows the straws to bend at the bellows segment, making it easy for children, the elderly and people with health conditions to use.

  • Rounding

    They have a safe and secure shape that gives the mouth a rounded shape that does not damage the lips.

  • Designed for etiquette

    By adding a groove to the side of the straw and creating an air passage between the straw and the container, the pressure inside the container is lowered to reduce the generation of unpleasant sounds. It also allows for easy suction for people who have difficulty drinking out of a straw.

  • Locking mechanism

    They have a mechanism that locks the straw in an extended state and prevents it from shrinking during use.

  • Bottom drawing

    They have a sharp tip to make it easier to pierce the straw hole of a carton or chilled cup beverage.

  • Easy-to-open packaging

    The straw in the packaging film can be easily removed.