Telescopic straws


  • Our eco-friendly product, BioStraw®, is made of PP (polypropylene), a conventional raw material used in the manufacture of straws, mixed with bio-PE (polyethylene), a type of biomass plastic. This eco-friendly straw reduces greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions throughout the product life cycle.

    *Made-to-order product. Please contact us for information about production lot sizes.

  • BP

    You can obtain the Japan BioPlastics Association certification mark, BP.

  • BioStraw(Straight straws)

  • BioStraw(Telescopic straws)

  • [Biomass plastics]

    Biomass plastics are made mainly from renewable organic resources (biomass) derived from plants. Due to the carbon-neutral nature of biomass plastics (see figure on the right), incineration does not affect the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. This is expected to help prevent global warming and reduce dependence on fossil resources.