Sustainability Initiatives - Contribution to the SDGs

As a manufacturer of components related to the food industry, making products that consumers can use with peace of mind is one of our greatest challenges. As well as safety-conscious product forms and mechanisms, we strive to make products that are both user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Development and sale of straws made with environmentally-compatible materials

The problem of marine pollution has prompted worldwide moves to abolish or restrict the use of plastic straws, and demand for environmentally-friendly straws is growing.

Under these circumstances, we are pursuing the development and sale of environmentally-friendly products made with environmentally-compatible materials (bio-polyethylene (bio-PE), marine-degradable, paper).

Bio Straws

These straws are made with bio-PE, a type of plant-derived plastic. Due to biomass’s carbon neutral characteristics, these environmentally-friendly straws have the effect of reducing CO2 emissions during the product life cycle, thus contributing to the prevention of global warming.

Marine-biodegradable Straws

We are now producing marine-biodegradable straws made of Kaneka Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet™.

By combining the straw manufacture technologies we have cultivated over the years with Kaneka’s Biodegradable Polymer Green PlanetTM, we will help to solve the problem of marine plastics pollution and play a role in shaping a recycling-oriented society.


<Decomposition in seawater>

Paper Straws

The raw material used in the manufacture of our paper straws is produced in Japan and conformable to food-grade standards. We manufacture the straws at our own factories in Japan. These paper straws are highly durable and suitable for all kinds of beverages.

Initiatives in business activities
that are conscious of food safety and the global environment

We obtained FSSC22000 certification, The Food Safety System Certification 22000 in Kumamoto Factory.
(We will obtain in Fuji Factory also soon. )

Many straws products we manufactur are made with raw materials that comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

Many of our straw products comply with the EU Food Contact Material Regulations.

We have obtained FSC Forest Certification (certification of processing and distribution process management) for our paper cup importation and domestic distribution processes.