Drinking Straws

2 stage telescopic straws

White ⁄ White
White ⁄ Transparent

Bendable & telescopic Straws

White ⁄ White

2 stage telescopic straws Large bore

White ⁄ White


Simply inserting an Exstraw allows you to pour the contents smoothly into another vessel.

Exstraw ⁄ Single; White
Exstraw ⁄ Paired: Ping ⁄ White

Straws and Related Products

Polylactic acid (PLA)straws

From the perspective of environmental preservation, we used polylactic acid (PLA), a plant-derived environmentally-friendly resin, as its raw material.


Through hydrolysis, it will ultimately be broken down into water and carbon dioxide in compost by microorganisms and enzymes.

Tapered straws

With one end tapered, they can be more easily inserted into a straw hole on any chilled beverage-containing paper package or plastic cup.

White ⁄ Transparent

Ordinary straw ⁄ Tapered straw

Enlarged view of the end (front)

Enlarged view of the end (side)

Other products that we developed

Design registration no.1309948

Design registration no.1309950

Design registration no.1309951

Straws with a specially shaped end
Telescopic straws
Extra thin straws

Easy open film

Easy peel
Easy cut
Easy push Type1
Easy push Type2

Other merchandise

School lunch straws
Café straws
Fish processing straws